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Just another Code Geass blog. We accept all questions, anonymous or not. All hate messages, Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you, all of you, Die! Hehe, and any submissions will be accepted as well. Credit goes to Bandai Entertainment and Sunrise for all videos, pictures, or audio from the anime, Code Geass. I do not own any of the pictures, videos, or audio tracks I post. All posts are for sheer entertainment and enjoyment, nothing more. Please enjoy this blog.

*NOTE: I will not be updating this blog daily. I will merely just leave a bunch of posts(mostly pictures, some audio and some video) in the queue which posts 5 posts a day between 10AM and 10PM PST. I'm a very busy and lazy person and I barely have time to even manage my own personal blog. When I have the time, I will try my best to improve this blog and fix any errors it may have. Please be patient with me as it will likely be a while before I get a chance to dedicate a lot of time to this blog. However, if you really have an issue or concern, don't hesitate to let me know and I will get to it right away. Feel free to leave any suggestions, criticisms, or requests in the ask box. Thank you.

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6/6 Female Characters ➵ C.C.

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What a mess, C.C.!

What a mess, C.C.!

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The irony…

The irony…